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Numb and numb remixes

Besides Beth's usual great voice & lyrics Geoff's scratchin is totally outstanding, I particularly like the Nissan version where Geoff dominates the turnatbles wow, one of my favorite songs ever!! "Revenge of the number" is quite interesting since it's very jazzy and almost funky at the begining, very cool alternate.

                             :::::::::::::::::::::Alexa, USA

Glory Box

I think that's a song dedicated to a Lesbian or maybe her love reprimed. I am sure that all the woman are lesbians, always we want to kiss our best friend

                            :::::::::::::::::Ishashakti, Venezuela

Wandering Star (in French)

j'ai pas tout compris a cette chanson, mais je l'aime particulierement, elle me fais partir..... ;-)                        :::::::::::::::::::PieRot, Paris, France et contre la guerre

All [P] songs

I think to really understand the songs, along with just about everything else in life, is to live them.

One of the reasons why I like Portishead so much is because they have a song for everything that happens in my life and I can relate to that so well. I used to look at songs like "Pedestal" and wonder what the hell she was talking about but when something devastating happens like that, the song discribes everything.



This song it's about lost your love of life, it's feel the foll hold on over you, this songs sound like a prayer to god for don't loos your graetes love.
it's a beutifull song like all in this album!!
                              ::::::::::::::::::Yury Lorca Estay, Chile


This song is a tough one. I can't really give a good interperation on it. To me, it says nothing can tell us about our future and nothing can compare to how time is against us. Where everything man has created is irrelovent, where our emotions, concious & pure moods are extracted and we are no longer bound by bodies. Weightless travel, no time, make or reason. Where ridicule breathes a sigh.

                                  ::::::::::::::Justin Cochrane, USA

Sand River

wow... so silent, so tender, so special. are there words for it?
                                  ::::::::::::::::Robert , Germany


I want to talk about roads song, and I think it's about her homosexuality, the song says, "We've got a fight, regardless of what they say", and glory box song, "I'm gonna leave my heart away, leave it to the other girls to play", i realize this, not just because the songs, i read it. And well that's what I think.
                                   ::::::::::::::::Dana, USA

Tom the model

A Song that says it's "ok".
A Song that does not mean that anything is "ok".
A perfect Song.
                                     :::::::::::::::Marius Braasch, Germany

Portishead in general

I just realized something. Portishead's songs are all about escape. All of them. I noticed how most, if not all the fans, including myself, are looking for a way out of the drab. Out of the blue hell all of us have help to create. We, as a world today, lack. We lack love, individuality, and wonder. I think these songs are trying to tell us something. Tell us to change before "the monsters feed upon there prey"-Wandering Stars.

                                      ::::::::::::::::::andrew, Miami, Florida, United States of America

wandering star

have to analyze it for my writers workshop far as i can tell its about finding a peace within death and the sufferings we experience while alive...>shrug<...



So special words, so good music.....i think it's about lie....
Perfect Song

                                         ::::::::::::::Evgeny, Russia


I'm not actually sure of the meaning of the song but in Greek Mythology "Elysium" means the Heavenly Fields, in the underworld, where you went if you were lucky.
                                          :::::::::::::::Ashley Dunstan


Half day closing

I don't understand Chris (the guy who doesn't understand the lyrics sense). All of portishead songs are plain and easy, I just feel so much despair when I hear those albums....

Anyway I like the self-titled album so much cause it's darker and more pessimistic than the Dummy one. This song reminds me of my cat called Kinat, I like it cause it a very static song, like if it was moving to nowhere. I feel like this most of the time.
                        :::::::::::::Moka Blum Kai

All of Portishead songs!

I've read the lyrics to their songs and none of them make any freaking sense! I am a huge fan of Portishead, but the lyrics are nonsensical. Hell, I've tried listening to them while I different states of mind and they still didn't make any sense. One of my favorite all-time bands, though.

                                     ::::::::::::Chris, USA

Western Eyes

this isn't a whole interpretation as it is what I think a certain lyric/phrase means(to me). "But I'm aching at the view...Yes I'm breaking at the scenes just like you." I can totally relate to this lyric on a certain level. Since Beth came from a hopelessly gloomy nowhere town, it seems she is also singing about how she's in such a desolate place that all she can do is look at the view from where she stands and cry. I come from hopelessly depressing town(which you can insert the same adjectives used to discribe Portishead and Bristol, England) in south Lousiana. No matter which direction you walk in, you hit another hopelessly depressing town left barren by the oilfield industry...a sort of web of mini-half-industrialized towns with nothing to offer. When i hear those lyrics from "Western Eyes", it makes me shiver and think of where i I can only just look around me and ache, waiting for something...anything.

                                      :::::::::::::::::::Phillipe (United States)


I think that "Elysium" is the best song that Portishead has ever made. I was in an incident at school where something really ticked me off about the way that things were being handled. A person that I knew told me that it was wrong for me to feel the way that I did, and that I'm part of the problem, which made me angrier than before. So, when I came home, I went up to my room and turned on "Elysium" and agreed with every word that was sung by Beth on that song. I wonder if Beth was treated anything like that when she wrote the song.

                                       ::::::::::::::::Jenny (United States)



addendum to previous message; in fact cowboys don't have much else to offer

                                          :::::::::::::Davida s. (portland, oregon,usa)


as a "cowboy" myself, were not so hip, were not so special, we deserve what we have coming to us, and it is oh
so sweet
                                           :::::::::::::Davida s. (portland, oregon,usa)


review: Review: Well. I think this is the most tender song, that in a sound context. In a feelings context, that's an example of love's power, you can΄t stay behind your feelings, you go aside them. Then, you can do anything you want, you can realize your feelings and emotions.

Maybe that's the way all of us feel when we're in the loved one's arms.
                                               :::::::David Valdivia (Mexico)

It could be sweet

review: The greatest song about "what could it be if..." i'm wandering what you feel about it, for me its just a part of my thoughts recorder by one of the greatest bands... there are no words to say what i feel, it's beyond the body, it's beyond ourselfs, it's just part of us, of everyone.                             :::::::Maria Paz



review: good enough to enjoy it in a dark room... and nothing else but your tears. tears of joy, my god, what a music, what a voice!
                                                 :::::::::::Yamille Cuιllar


Western eyes

review: this song is about the wwestern world. a world which does not care about the poor people.they lie and and are not honest at all.
they try to show themselves as fair honest but they are too calculator and hypocrite



All mine

this is the besoted state in which all relationships begin with the i cant hold you touch you look at you enough "but when you smill ow how i feal so good" everythings amazing in that one gaze is how you feal when it says "i can hardly wait to hold you ..and fold you never enough" its the ultimite loved up new relationship you hate but love tune portishead get and yuse to there advantage amazing
                                                           ::::::::michelle mcgowan


Only you

review: this tune for me described my relationship with my x and when she wrote "its only you who can tell me apart"

it means that everyone else doesent now hwho i am or why i work exsept that one very special person and when it says "who can turn my wooden heart" it means that you feal so alone and such a horible person without them that you would be wooden without them being there , love this song (still love my x does it show)

                                                             ::::::::michelle mcgowan

Sour times

review: i love how every person can relate to this tune, talking about how some special person is the love of there life and has left them for whatever reson i think everyone can relate to the fealing like your heart has been riped out when she says "all i have left is the memorys of yesterday" its a real comfort to now that someone else nows what your going through then again thats portishead amazing we love u beth



Give Me A Reason (mellow version)

Well, im not sure what to say. I just happen to love this version of this song, something about it that gets my undivided attention. Take her voice and that altered state of reality and there you have it....some sort of perfection.

                                                               ::::::Avatar Of Nothing


Sour times (live at Roseland)

Well, I think this song (besides the "Airbus Reconstruction") is the best version of Sour Times. I really liked the way Beth showed the pain that the song means. It's completely obviously that she's suffering and she gaves it a very special feeling. An instant classic. (The minute 2:42 is and automatic orgasm).

                                                              ::::::Beto Meza, Mexico, 10/24/01 4:33


review: I REALLY like the first few seconds of this song, with the brief slide/bend guitar. Portishead sounds so overwhealming with thier very empty, hollow, layout of intrument and vocal, everything is so sublime and entrancing with powerful negative spaces(silence, break-beats) and sublime melody.
Portishead is not oriented with any of the other music i like (not even remotely) but they are still one of my favorite bands and i listen to them constantly. WHY? :Because they are -so- damn good.

interpretation: the persona of the lyrics is rebelling against the inequities of oppressive situation(s), this could be anti-autority/conformity, could be anti-abuse
could be anything, hence it is a very identifiable song. It reminds me of the futility of conversations i have with people who can't think for themselves, can't comprehend or accept ideas that arn't the media-societal projection of how things should be. MTV doesn't have dreams, MAXIM reading, my daddy bought me a mustang driving prep clones, picking up


Only you

review: It's about obsessive love



just an excellent piece of art wich let you know when your at edge and that life is just a joke and you have to laugh about it,i mean listen very well and youll notice a certain tone on beths voice that is not on any other song , for me maybe one of the best songs ever