Am         G6        Fmaj7        E7            F            G             Am e:-----------------0-----|----1--------0----|------|-----------------------| B:-----------------0-----|----1--------0----|------|-----------------------| G:----5------------0-----|----2--------1----|------|---0h2-----0h4-----5---|x2 D:-7--------7------2-----|----2--------0----|--x2--|---0h3-----0h5-----7---| A:----7------------2-----|----3--------2----|------|-----3-----0h5-----7---| E:-5---------------3-----|----1--------0----|------|-----1-------3-----5---|

 Drums come in...

Verse 1: -------- Am G6 Fma7 E7 Am Oho, can't anybody see? You gotta walk to find me, G6 Fmaj7 E7 Never found our way, regardless, of what they say F G Am F How can it feel, this wrong? From this moment, G Am How can if feel, this wrong? Verse 2: (same chords as previously) Chords have more echo here -------- Am G6 Fmaj7 E7 Am Stoned, in the morning light, I feel, no more G6 Fmaj7 E7 F G Can I say, frozen, to myself, I got nobody on my side, Am And surely that ain't right F G Am Surely that ain't right. Verse 3: -------- Same as verse 1, except with strings..Also, 2nd Am is sussed, if you see what I mean...(play 2nd Am as Am->Asus4->G6) Until: F G Am F How can it feel, this wrong, from this moment G E7 How can it feel, this wrong? Break: ------ Play intro (with a lot of bass A, G, F, E) up to: F G Am F How can it feel, this wrong, from this moment G E7 How can it feel, this wrong?

Play Verse 1 again (the same way as in intro).

Ends on: Am "...this wrong." Other ways of playing some chords:

Fmaj7 Amsus4    Am      G6 

e:--0---------------0-----3--0--|                          B:--1---------5-----1-----5--0--| The 1st G6 voicing is a bit crap, G:--2---------7-----2-----4--0--| but Fmaj7 and Am and 2nd G6 are easier D:--3---------7-----2-----x--0--| to play like this on an accoustic A:--3---------7-----0-----5--2--| and sound better.. E:--0---------5-----------3--3--|