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Macrobid For Sale, i have read a message in phead mailing list and message board from the muff.he promoted his website via phead in order to have visitors on it as editors of yahoo,dmoz and looksmart directories cannot approve the entry of muff’s site called ‘western eyes’.why?because the site has a bad layout and only promises for future downloads.i don’t think it’s a nice site because it has a vote poll and some pics very common to all portishead fans.i added his site to phead cool links section only because he wanted it very much.in his site (come.to/western_eyes) in cool links section he added my site with the name ‘portishead’and very bad critic with hate. Taking Macrobid, notes:a)phead’s title is:phead-portishead tribute and not ‘portishead’ b)cool links is the section where you add preffered links and not the opposite.so why did he add my site?he descripted my site as it follows:

Ok, here’s the deal: this is a good site only because of the stuff in it, where can i order Macrobid without prescription, Macrobid for sale, not beacause of the awful layout. 1)The problem is that the web master stole the format of the discography, order Macrobid from United States pharmacy, Macrobid gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, 2) didn’t write his own bio,3) his ‘live’ concert isn’t his, buy Macrobid without a prescription, Real brand Macrobid online, 4)he just stole the links, 5)and his news [albeit up to date], online buy Macrobid without a prescription, Is Macrobid safe, aren’t written by him, but by other people, generic Macrobid. Buy Macrobid online no prescription, I’d have no problem with this, 6)but he doesn’t give credit to anyone for any of the stuff on his site, is Macrobid addictive. Macrobid no rx, I approached him [via e-mail] about giving people credit 7)[he even made fun of the webmasters of portisfreaks and other sites for not updating] and 8)he removed my link from his site. Very mature, Macrobid For Sale. 9)I, Macrobid steet value, Macrobid interactions, on the other hand, like to supply the [P] fan with [P] material, buy cheap Macrobid no rx, Buy Macrobid no prescription, and as you saw, I give credit where it’s due, online buying Macrobid hcl. What is Macrobid, Whew. There, after Macrobid. Order Macrobid from mexican pharmacy, ANSWERS:1)discography format doesn’t belong to anyone.it’s for people,for portishead fans.2)the biography of phead is not mine.i like it very much so i added it in phead.what’s the big deal?i do the same thing when i add articles and interviews i like in phead sections.do i have to write my articles or MY interviews and add it?i don’t think so…3)of course is not mine.i didn’t give a concert that night.I think portishead did.phead visitors want phead(portishead) concerts and not mine…4)i stole them from where?does links belong to you?also we have different links!5)unfortunately for you the news has written by me!only the 05/15/2000 news didn’t but i warned that they were from the www.bristolsound.co.uk 6)i don’t thinks so.i give credit on these sections:latest news, herbal Macrobid, Purchase Macrobid online, response,all tour dates, buy Macrobid online no prescription, Ordering Macrobid online, articles,interviews, online buying Macrobid, Macrobid australia, uk, us, usa, links,photos, cheap Macrobid no rx, Macrobid steet value, lyrics(yahoo. preffered phead lyrics to add it in the related category) and mailing list.ok?7)i didn’t made a fun of them.i only recommended that this site is not updating(also ink blot magazine admit it).i didn’t say anything more and i take credit on it.8)i removed your link because you made fun of me when i called your site:”come to western eyes” and not “western eyes” and because you have not good stuff on your site.visit come.to/western_eyes and you will see what i’m talking about.9)on the other hand blah blah blah!oh my god, online buying Macrobid hcl, Macrobid recreational, you really want to promote yourself more than your site.i don’t know why.

phead visitors should read this:i wrote these because i had dissapointed when i read muff’s description.i don’t want to be famous.i want my site to be famous in order to inform portishead fans about portishead news and other stuff, online Macrobid without a prescription. Buy Macrobid online cod, muff really hates me and i don’t know why-really-i only want to be a webmaster and not anything else.also i don’t want to put stars in every site i preffer in cool links section.it’s unfair for the other webmasters to be judged by one who doesn’t know.if you have any poblem anything at all about this site or suggestions please don’t forget to e-mail. i’m looking forward to answer to your questions.take care, Macrobid online cod. Macrobid pictures.

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